Wow Mage Guide – Shows You How to Wage War With Mana and Magic

Go For The Wow Mage Guide

The World of Warcraft is a thrilling game and anybody would find it interesting. The game has a lot of surprises in it. You can choose to be any character in the game. And this adds to the fun of the game. You also have the option to form groups and parties. The game has limitless possibilities. Now let focus our attention towards the Wow Mage guide which will be of great help to us in knowing the Mage class and will guide us in playing as a Mage and also playing with a Mage.

It will be used for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of your party. The Mages can be dangerous in certain situations, but can also be used constructively in certain others. The Mage enthralls you by its exceptional skill to sheep. Get to know more about it by reading on.

How Do You Play Mage?

Once you decide to play as a Mage, remember to put Tailoring under the Primary profession. By this you will have an increased mana and you will have extra spell power. This will help you out in surviving in the game. Make it a point to give them as much manna as possible, as the Mage is easy to kill. The WoW Mage guide also suggests you to select Enchantment as your secondary profession.

Enchantment will help a lot with the magic that comes with Mages. You will have the benefit of doing impossible smashups from far-off. The Mages are in-effect, the ones which do the maximum damage in the game. Nonetheless, their defense mechanism is a little weak. So this Wow Mage guide recommends you to play Mage as part of a group and never alone.

The Pros Of Playing Mage

If you choose to play as a Mage, you will have a lot of advantages. And the greatest among them is the damaging power that you get. The Mages have immense power of destroying crowds and enemies. And they do that by using the base elements like fire and frost. The Wow Mage guide emphasizes that you never leave your mage alone as the chances for him to be killed are high. And the negative aspect of playing Mage is its weak counterattacking skill. However, you can play the game well if you feel you can do so.

The plus point with Mages is its ability to summon food and water. This will never let your group go hungry and also, several times, a lot of time and money are saved. The game involves traveling. And the Mages have the ability to teleport their groups and also themselves to all major capitals and this in turn saves time and tedium related to traveling in the game. They even have the capability to open city portals from anyplace in the game.

Certain Shortcomings

The Mages, like all other characters in the game are not perfect. Even they have certain drawbacks, the largest, being they get killed very easily. Moreover, they need to have a mana in order to fight the enemy. And if no mana is left, it is impossible for them to do the damages. Anyway, these are not complex problems. There are many other advantages as mentioned in the Wow Mage guide.

Remember to have at least one Mage in your party, the next time you play the game. So choosing a mage will make the game easier and pleasurable. You will have more time on quests and quarrels and you need not waste time on food and travel!

Take All Possibilities Into Account

One thing you should keep in mind while playing Wow is to consider all possibilities. There is no one way of playing the game as you have plenty of integrations available. You can also try out others for a change, if you like.

Source by Alexander E Marshal