Unstoppable- Ben Angel: Thinking about joining the program. Any feedback from him?


Unstoppable- Ben Angel

Anyone has feedback on his work (books, courses, articles, and on)? Is he legit?

I’m thinking about joining his “90 Day Plan to Biohack Body & Mind”.

In 2018 everything has gone wrong, and I don’t have much energy, focus and willpower left.

I haven’t set goals for 2019, as I fear failing bigtime like last year.

I believe my health is really poor at the moment, I don’t know what’s the cause and that’s killing me.

I’ve taken a good look at his page and I’m hoping this can be a way out to get back on track.

I’m going to sign up, and let you guys know how good it actually is.

However I’d still appreciate to get some feedback from Ben Angel, as he’s a complete stranger to me.

Thanks guys 🙂


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