Ray Kawalec – VR gaming as a fitness biohack, re-visited (now with metrics!) | Øredev 2018

Whether you’re a coder, designer, or digital content creator – what unites us all is that we spend a majority of our daily lives sitting in a chair in front of a screen. We often don’t eat well, don’t stay hydrated, stay up late – and needless to say, a lot of us aren’t doing a fraction of the exercise necessary to keep our minds and bodies in shape. VR gaming is a great method to put some fun activity in a co-working space or home office. If you think runner’s high is a myth, try playing some fast-paced room-scale VR games – those have the reward mechanisms built in! Since last year’s Øredev, I’ve used a biometric sensor to track how weeks of regular VR gaming compare to a regular physical workout and no workout at all – and how all of that affects your sleep patterns as well as your overall physical and mental condition. I’ve also built what is probably the ultimate home VR gaming setup – and I’ll share everything I’ve learned.

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