My HGH, and injury recovery

Hello, I just wanted to copy+paste my reply to another old thread for any desperate individuals out there curious about HGH and healing. It is important to me that I share my experience.

I fractured my neck approximately ten years ago at approximately age 17, had my left shoulder replaced ~5 years ago, had a biceps tenodisis approximately two years ago. Additional injuries include the rupture of two bicep tendons bilaterally, and bilateral rotator cuff partial tears, and bi lateral labum tears (partial). There are many more, but you get the idea.

To preface my answer, I have chronic pain for ten years, and will for the rest of my life (of varying degrees). After requiring surgery and having both of my rotator cuffs torn, I was unable to open doors, dress myself, play guitar, exercise—anything and everything was painful and my quality of life was extraordinarily poor. Before I began my regimen I have exhausted all other treatment options conservative and otherwise (a decade of physical therapy, surgeries, PRP, stem cell, cold laser, anti inflammatory diets, Rolfing , Chiro, acupuncture–you get the idea).

After the tearing of my rotator cuffs in physical therapy for the biceps tendoisis surgery, and only getting worse and worse, I made the decision to make one last push to achieve an acceptable quality of life. I began HGH injections, had multiple PRP/stemcell/reinjury protocols, took fistfuls of vitamins daily, and increased my physical therapy to 10x hours a week. Additionally, when I first started I was also injecting BPC-157 and TB500. My approach was ‘everything + the kitchen sink, because I am unwilling to live any more years of my life like this’.

I got better. Much better. It was extremely difficult however, the side effects were extreme. I had fainting spells, massive lethargy, confusion, and was working harder than I had ever worked in my life (in the short term, my levels of pain increased drastically due to the intense PT regimen+reinjury protocol).

What do I mean by ‘I got better’?

-After about 6 months of this regimen I could do basic tasks without pain or hinderance. Dressing myself, writing, basic overhead movements were possible with little to no pain. I got approximately an inch taller (my doctor believes this was due to the decompression and restoration of spinal fluid between my vertebrae+healing/release of locked down muscles+nerves, not due to bone growth like in puberty). I am now at around month 8 of the aforementioned regimen, and I have left PT and been working out again (carefully, I still have many issues that prevent me from lifting heavy or doing pressing movements).

I have described the restoration of my health after being told that it was basically over for my hobbies, passions, and engagement with life as nothing short of ‘a miracle’. A miracle made of blood, sweat, tears, and an ocean of persistence. I spent many many hours combing through medical literature, anecdotal reports, and constructing the most insane, comprehensive treatment regimen possible. It is hard to parse how much better I would have gotten with just the HGH alone, however, it was the catalyst for healing that would not otherwise be possible medically (regrowth of tendon, cracks in my bones were repaired–nothing except HGH would be able to do this from my understanding). My rotator cuff tears closed completely (I tracked them via imaging with one of my doctors–pretty cool to see it get smaller, and smaller, and then…gone), I have less pain in my neck+back, etc etc.

My friends, family, professors, and academic peers watched me go from requiring all of the most extensive medical accommodations through the university (eg; I could not use doors without someone else opening them, unless there was a handicap button), being wasted+atrophied+devastated+sick by many years of chronic pain, to not requiring accommodations, returning to my passions + gym regimen. Many have reacted viscerally to seeing me return to health, I have had mentors and professors grin ear to ear and ask me repeatedly ‘what the heck?!’.

I am tearing up, and have goosebumps just writing this. HGH has been the biggest gift to my life. I spoke with a pleothora of medical professionals, friends, family who were strongly advising to not do what I did. I do not recommend doing what I did to anyone, unless you have no other options. I have come to understand that there is a likelihood that there will be long-standing repercussions (potentially). My endocrinologist actually cried with me, and tried to drag me into the acromegaly ward to scare me away from doing what I had proposed.

I am glad I did not listen to say the least. I kept video journals of the process. Looking back at them now is humbling.

I hope that whomever is reading this finds recovery through whatever means.


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