Multan to Milpitas 4.A

Multan to Milpitas 4.A

This picture was taken on Muawiz’s first day in school.See How long my hair were because he liked me in long hair:DFOOL ME He was very happy after coming back from school having a balloon but Mueed missed him all day. First month of Muawiz’s school Mueed always cried and asked why Muawiz is in school?
This was the time when abuse and violence was on peak.
I have done every thing he wants. Once even Muawiz was not born one of the lady from our Pakistani community after dropping off her kids came to our house he was leaving for work and he asked me to come to the garage and with firm, full of threat and lower voice he said, “If you will go out with HER! I will divorce you!” I was shocked, scared and surprised even she did not say for going out how he just angry??? I said I won’t. And when he came back for lunch asked me what she was saying? Nothing just she thought to say hi. Listen if she came in absence of me without calling you ahead you can not open the door for her or her sister in law! Ok And believe me after that I did not open my front door for getting mail (mail box was on front door in those days) and I remember once she came with her mother in law and I was in kitchen she knocked the door and I was trying not even breath, I was ordered not to open the door and tell any thing to any one. Worst of all I was not allowed to tell any one that my husband did not like it. Any ways when Muawiz was born I asked him it did not look good that kid is crying inside and I am not opening the door for ladies. Then he said ok if any one comes you have to call me. Parkash was in my neighbor for her he was ok because she also did not has driving license at that time.
Any ways friends December, 1994 through March, 2002 I never ever say any thing about his character and about having relations with girls in 2002 I came to know he has a e-mail account he is hiding from me and as my every thing was in front of him I was ordered to call him even if a woman is visiting me( Now one of those ladies said, “Bushra we were really irritated by your husband that how come when ever we visited you even that is not lunch time he just came from work and sat with us. Did,t you even feel this thing?” I said I never ever think he is a loose character person that’s why he is doing this with me. I just thought this family in whole is very conservative and different from my family we just need to adjust and I can adjust as I am going to live my life with him not any other ladies it’s ok if I won’t meet them.
Now when I came to know about that account with the name “Only you USA” I demand to see those e-mails he is hiding from me. He became so furious you are nothing you can not ask me this that. I said Mr. I always watch you to asking girls on the internet that they show you their boobs once I said what why, why are you saying this to that girl??He said get out of this room “by-hiya ghatiya, orat”/ shameless and cheep woman”
Any ways I was able to retrieve his password some how( I know companies and law makers are making laws and security updates for cheaters in regards of password retrieval by third party) Fist he said you hack my account this is a crime I said go ahead make a police report. Then he became so polite take me out for dinner kissed me asked me for password hey I was just having fun with those girls I am not serious you are the queen of house. I gave him the password asking if he is not cheating he must not change this password. But what have he done he change his email address and advised one of those Chinese girls. Any ways somehow I was able to read their emails to each other and I was just quite because I was thinking ok he is not a smoker he never drunk he is just having fun online he is doing something like Clinton have done if Hillary is still with him that means even for white women family life is something wont destroy my family life. I am not wrong he is wrong. I just start reading Quran and prayer more. And he sometimes got made on me hey you don’t say that much prayers your brain is going out of your hands. As sometimes I just say those sentences he was writing to that girl. He thought that as I am praying a lot when I go to sleep I am dreaming about those emails(rofl) Believe me he was scared of my pure heart and now I believe he is not the one most people even don’t like to hire pure hearted people
What happened next he started saying to that girl I am coming to visit you and I will make love with you before marriage. That girl started saying oh no I am a Chinese girl unlike American girls my Virginity is something for me and he said oh no that means you don’t trust me And I was really surprised this person my husband I many time say I LOVE you to him he never ever say that to me for those girls he was saying that. And I became very scared when that girl stated in one e-mail Ok I am agree to have sex before marriage I will commit suicide if you not marry me after having sex with me. Here sir here I became to scared I thought hay Bushra you know on numerous SINGLES websites this person has his profile as a bachelor now he is fooling this girl yes he will not marry her but she is saying she will commit suicide, If it happens God will ask you I was showing you something even you were not aware to computer and software stuff at all I made you to see all of their emails you came to know that girl will commit suicide and just because you were afraid that your husband will divorce you stayed quite????” Then after several days of fight between myself and my conscious I decide to tell that girl that he is a married person stay away from him. Now he gave her his job phone number and received her calls over there. Once when he left home for talk to her” I send her a message that “beware this person is married with 4 kids(I thought two will not enough to scare her 4 should be work:D) and he is not bachelor so believe me here is WOLF IN SHEEP”S CLOTHING (against your virginity) I request her not to tell him but she told him and OH MY GOOD LORD GOD worst period of my life has been started. She forward him all the conversation and emails and he asked me with red eyes and full anger, “AM I A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING????” (hahahah here I wish I could illustrate in voice those moments:D) You think I am a wolf? I said I was just willing to scare her nothing else. What do you think you can stop me????? He asked I did not have any answer. Then he said now I will go every day with other girls and “Apna joli bistra utha dafa hu ja yahan se” (Pack your language and get out of my house) Next day again hey you did not pack your language?? Do it I can not see cheap woman like you in my house get out get lost. And he brought 1000 dollars in place them in closet. What have I done next day as he left for job I had one 20 dollar bill out of that and rush to nearest shop and bought a calling card. I called his sister and told them what he is doing with me and as she was not aware of computer and email stuff I talked to her husband and send them those e-mails I got from his mail box. I request them not to tell him about this call I will try to makeup with him. Ahhh he was wrong and to make him happy I was doing everything he likes.

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