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Do you want to help take care of your mitochondria? Of course you do just like everyone should be working on. Our health status is linked to how well we can support the work, millions of mitochondria do around our body.

On Dec 21, 2016 a brand new Bulletproof supplement was released to the biohacking public. It is called KetoPrime and it is designed to help allow your brain to achieve high performance. However, brain function is not all that it helps with.

If you follow a ketogenic diet or a low carb high fat way of eating then you’ll enjoy the added benefits taking KetoPrime can assist you as you try make tons of ATP from quality fats like, Brain Octane oil & butter.


Helps get rid of brain fog

Helps the Kreb cycle make ATP energy

Mimics calorie restriction which helps you make new mitochondria

Helps manage glucose levels

Useful anti-aging (longevity) supplement


Above are just some of the positive effects that you can get from taking oxaloacetate, which is the main ingredient of KetoPrime.

You may have heard of oxaloacetate (OAA) before as it is also used in the Bulletproof aging formula. If you have been taking aging formula then you will love KetoPrime too. This is a new bioavailable form of oxaloacetate that is combined with other co-factors to allow you the chance to get up to 90% into your bloodstream. You can get anywhere near this from OAA raw form.

How to Take KetoPrime

Take one KetoPrime lozenge

Place it under the tongue or between the gum & cheek

Wait 5-10 mins to allow to dissolve

Chew and swallow any remaining lozenge


You can take a lozenge anytime of the day ideally with food. Don’t swallow them with water, let them dissolve a bit in your mouth first.

Suggested Usage

Morning Time

Take one in the morning with your Bulletproof coffee to help with an Bulletproof intermittent fast. Supercharge your brain with ketones to keep it feeling great for the day.

Work Time

Take one when you feel your mind is foggy and you can’t get clear thoughts. Get rid of the cotton wool feeling in your brain by popping a lozenge in your mouth. Great for keeping at work in a desk draw ready to boost you for a task, presentation or meeting.

When Exercising

Take one before a workout at the gym. This is because oxaloacetate (OAA) has been linked to improved muscle endurance. So why not try get some more milage out your muscles as you exercise them.

Before Sleeping

Take one at nighttime to assist you body whilst you are naturally fasting overnight. However, do remember that you need to brush your teeth after taking a lozenge. This is because it contains Vitamin C and you don’t want vit c on your teeth all night. It might cause an unwanted side-effect.

Best Bulletproof Supplement for Ketosis

Bulletproof Product




Convenient way to assist nutritional ketosis.

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Brain Octane Oil

Pure C8 oil that helps raise blood ketone levels and put you in a state of ketosis

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Upgraded form of MCT oil that is used on a ketogenic diet.

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Similar effects to butter when on a low carb high fat diet or ketogenic diet.

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Ketoprime is one of the best supplements from the Bulletproof store to help assist you during nutritional ketosis. The best one to help you raise your blood ketones and put you in a state of ketosis would be Brain Octane Oil then XCT oil. As you know the Bulletproof diet is an upgraded way of living in ketosis.

When you buy it you will get 30 lozenges that come in a convenient flip top tube, which is resealable. This means you can easily travel with it and since it is not a liquid even take it through airport security when flying. They taste is pleasant and similar to taking a vitamin C tablet.


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