Is there any cost-effective way to use an infrared (heat) bulb (600-900nm) just for reading in the evenings?

The past few days I’ve been on a binge of information related to lightbulbs. I realized that the bulbs in my room were *super* poor quality low-lumen 2000k bulbs that made it harder to wake up in the mornings. I changed them to 5000k (daylight) and 1400 lumen bulbs and quickly noticed a difference in wakefulness. But I *also* happened to have read that the far end of red light — often used in heatlamp bulbs — produces the exact opposite of wakefulness, and in fact actually *aids* sleep, meaning you can actually use them all night and get better sleep than had you no light at all. Now, I don’t plan to do that. But if it’s possible and not too expensive, I’d like to use these bulbs for two hours in the evening while I read, listen to music, write, etc. If it actually produces a relaxation response and has health benefits, it seems like a pretty interesting idea to use these bulbs for two hours right before bed.

The hard part is: how do I practically do this? Every lamp for an infrared bulb is $100+ and the wattage is so high that I can’t just plug it into any lamp. Is there a good cost-effective way to rig a heatlamp next to my desk, for two hours of use in the evening? Has anyone here done this before?

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