Hidden From View 3.0

Hidden From View 3.0

The value of being present (the no-bullshit explanation):

Human beings are great at adaptation and progression, let me take a moment to briefly explain how we usually do this:
1) Perform system 1 manually
2) Automate system 1
3) Perform system 2 manually
4) Automate system 1 & 2, ect…

This is easy to see in the spheres of technology, a great example being the industrial revolution. We, as humans, employ this process in almost every facet of our lives, from our job’s day to day activities, to walking to the shops. Our brains are constantly hard at work, safety checking all unknown stimuli, mapping new environments and finally automating it all. This is applicable to most activities we carry out (morning routines, work, household chores, walking anywhere, eating, polite social dynamics); we create psychology programs and every time we’re required to perform an activity, we just run the automated program so we’re able to think, talk and do other things simultaneously.

Most people live their entire lives on these programs, inevitably experiencing boredom due to the absence of any real interaction with the outside world. For example, the task of walking to the local shops becomes so automatic that the idea is now tiresome because they would have 30 minutes of boring nothingness while traveling and shopping on autopilot. This is partly why we love traveling and trying new things, it forces us to experience things in the absence of a program. Practicing Mindfulness Meditation throughout the day is a similar hack to traveling; it infuses mundane tasks with wild curiosity and playful interest. Everything in your life begins to feel new again as if experienced through new skin.
(e.g. it’s easy to not appreciate this view at my local bus stop).

Posted by slimcloudy on 2017-10-31 03:18:49