Hacking Brains: Virtual Tools to Transform Energy Use Behavior

From cleanweb to the quantified self movement, virtual tools are transforming the way we engage in even the most basic activities. Just walking around town we produce a data set that can be sorted, analyzed, compared and monetized. Through our now ubiquitous smartphones, and the gathering impact of ‘big data’, the landscape of almost every sector of the economy has been dramatically altered by the connections, communication and information made available through virtual networks and the software that navigates them.

The real estate industry, despite multiple actors in this sphere, has been slower than most to embrace the digital transformations seen in other sectors. Will the ‘bricks and sticks’ market be uniquely resistant to the impact of digital and virtual tools? Or are we on the cusp of digital tools sweeping through the industry? Our speakers will discuss the current state of this important market, and how the next generation of virtual tools might help us navigate the landscape of building energy efficiency.


Opening Presentation: John Picard, John Picard & Associates


Zach Gentry, Enlighted

Mike Jackson, First Fuel

Mei Shibata, ThinkEco

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