Dave Asprey Interview | Why is Butter Good For Entrepreneurs?

Check out our full interview with Dave Asprey! r
Bio-Hacker & Entrepreneur Dave Asprey talks about why eating butter everyday makes high performing entrepreneurs. r
Interview highlights:r
00:27 – What were your entrepreneurial accomplishments before you became this crazy bio-hacking health freak?r
01:54 – What led you to biohacking your body? How did you lose 100 pounds and raise your IQ by over 20 points?r
05:43 – Are there people out there who say youre full of shit? How do you respond to them? (Plus why butter is good for Entrepreneurs)r
08:32 – Does the Bulletproof Diet suppress your fight-or-flight response?r
12:03 – Is the Bulletproof Diet an expensive diet to start?r
15:47 – Whats your opinion of popular diets already out there?r
18:20 – In another interview, you said vegans are, in a sense, killing animals. How is that?r
20:39 – In a separate interview with Business Insider, you made some interesting claims about Orgasms. Whats this about less orgasms leading to better health?r
25:42 – What are the 3 tips you have for our viewers?r
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