Classic Midian – Joe and Mye Meet the Jetsons

Classic Midian - Joe and Mye Meet the Jetsons

Back when Midian was cool.

You know, back when you could be a human, a hybrid (cat or otherwise), a supernatural (vampire or lycan), a mech, or even a space alien with a toxic green mohawk.

Theme: Dead City

You step away for ONE minute, sheesh! What a crazy town!

Mye’s eyelids fluttered. She let out a soft, "Mmmph," as the strange man with the green mohawk and right eye patch held her in his grip. Her eyes veered from him to the blue haired woman that was with him. Mye’s breathing became erratic. Her hand went to her beretta once again, taking it out of it its holster and attempted to push the barrel into the man’s side, searching for a soft, leathery part of his armor that she was hoping was there.

"Just answer him!" The woman that was with the man blurted out as she watched them from the sidewalk in their struggles on the street. She cringed, still frightened about what was going on.


"Nick! What the hell did you call me back for?" Joe called out from the back entrance, though did not see the kid around. "Nick? Nick! Get your butt out here and explain yourself!"

Joe was pissed. He was on his first date of sorts – at least the first one he had been on for a good long while. That pimply faced kid was probably hiding somewhere chatting it up with, in all likelihood, an internet romance with a gay German bear trying to pass for a nineteen year old busty blonde bombshell. This kid had the nerve to call Joe up and claim there’s a problem at Madre’s Italian restaurant. As Joe waited for Nick to come out of hiding he tapped his foot. That was, until he heard commotion from the front. Joe moved swiftly past the counter where he saw Mye and the black armored, green mowhawk headed man doing something funky outside.

"What the hell is going on here?" Joe asked, murring in a not too happy tone.

The armored man felt the barrel press into his side. His device hummed louder and whirred under her jaw, vibrating against the bone that the twin barrels of the laser gun pressed against. He squeezed the skin between her thighs even harder. Preoccupied with tormenting and interrogating Mye, he doesn’t even turn to look at Joe, though he directed what he said next to him, "We’re just playin’ a game here. Don’t mind us." The man focused back on Mye and said to her, "Stop holdin’ out information when you have a gun on you."

Mye winced in pain. The humming of the weapon was quite unnerving. Still, she remained quiet. The vibration from it was indeed felt. Whatever it was, it was really strange. Her eyes, filled with fear, gave a quick glance to Joe. Tears welled up from the pain between her legs. She was scared to fire her gun lest she ended up with no head or pelvis or, God only knows what that thing could do that he had pressed up against her.

"Why tonight of all nights?" Joe sighed and grumbled. He headed into the kitchen and came back moments later with a butcher knife and a meat cleaver. He grumbled a few more times when he got back. "Compliments of the chef," he said, pointing the butcher knife at green mohawk man, "Let the girl go or I start hacking shit up."

Out of fear and exhaustion the blue haired woman glanced up, eyeing the butcher knife being pointed at her partner. She looked back towards Mye and started to think that the brunette woman deserved what was happening to her, and was glad she was not the one in Mye’s position. "Answer him already. Sheesh!"

Mohawk man’s one good eye gazed at Joe this time. He slowly let go of the woman’s crotch, lowering her down to the ground. Though he backed away, the barrels of the laser gun moved instead from Mye’s jaw to right in front of her face. "Hey, if she would just answer my questions, this would all be over. Then again, you wouldn’t know that, would ya’?"

Mye whimpered as Joe disappeared. That bastard cat just left me here out to die! she thought, that is, until he came back out with a – knife and meat cleaver? Oh brother. Well, whatever works, no? Her breathing was tattered and labored. The vibration from it coursed through her bones, running down her spine. God, this just felt so not right. Mye gave a pfft at the blue haired woman’s comment. Weak girls. A little threat and they would blab everything. Mye wasn’t that kind of girl to a fault. Obviously to a fault. As the armored man lessened his hold, and her feet returned to solid ground, Mye’s eyes went cross-eyed, locking in on the barrel of whatever type of device was pointed right at her. Here it was, the moment of truth. She held her breath and abruptly dropped down toward the ground, body tumbling over toward the concrete pillar with a loud whoosh sound as she attempted to get out of the aim of the laser.

Joe grumbled again, then made a false thrust toward mohawk man with the cleaver, just close enough that he would feel the whoosh of the blade come close to his wrist. He snorted, "Next time, it’ll be your hand being lobbed off if you don’t comply and let the girl go!"

The armored man didn’t flinch, though the move of the leopard man did make him glance toward Joe. Because of that, he didn’t notice Mye slip away until he saw her movement out the corner of his eye. The laser gun went off as he quickly glanced back. He just barely missed shooting her head. The red laser hit the pillar and went all the way through it, as well as the wall behind it. He quickly turned the device upon Joe. "CHILL! Fuck! Sure, I’ll let ‘er go!" he barked at Joe, then glared at the blue haired woman.

The blue haired woman watched Joe thrust toward her partner with the butcher knife. She stepped back, feeling more than a little helpless, and wishing she wasn’t so useless. Maybe she could kick Joe? No, that wouldn’t work. She caught her partner’s glare and frowned.

Mye’s ears picked up the sound of the laser going through the concrete. She would have sighed relief if she wasn’t still feeling fretful about her safety and all. She slipped off behind the green haired mohawk guy, her beretta still in hand, and attempted to grab the blue haired woman, seeking to hold the other woman hostage. If the girl was worth anything to the guy, it would be soon found out.

As she got grabbed, the blue haired woman gasped and swallowed in fear. She looked at Mye with shock on her face. "You BITCH!"

Joe thought with a laser he might have a better chance of survival behind the woman that seemed to be mohawk man’s partner of some sort. Thus he went to help Mye gang up on the poor blue haired girl, who had become a hostage at Madre’s. He looked toward Mye, "Ok girl, you got us into this mess, now how the fuck are you doing to get us out?"

Mye let out a soothing sounding hush in the other woman’s ear. "Just stay still." She wrapped around the other woman’s torso, pinning her arms down. Mye held her beretta to the temple of the girl’s head. "I say we all just let things lie, no? Sounds like a plan to me. That way no one gets hurt." Mye didn’t turn to look at Joe. Her eyes remained on the guy with the green mohawk. "Your call," she said to him.

The blue haired girl gasped, looking at her partner, and remained rigid in Mye’s grasp as the steel barrel beretta was held to her forehead. She tried to speak but the fear inside her caused her not to say anything.

Mohawk man tilted his head slightly in surprise and confusion. "Sorry Zio," he said in an almost monotone voice as the device fired off. The laser went through Zio, right below her shoulder bone. If anyone was behind her, they would have surely been hit as well.

Zio fell down dramatically as the shot was felt all over her body. Her eyes fluttered shut in pain.

Mye screamed. The laser went right through Zio and straight through her in pretty much the same spot, though a tad bit higher. The hold she had on Zio was no more. Her left arm hanged limply. A searing pain spread from her shoulder. The shot had pierced through bone, fragmenting it, leaving jagged pieces stuck inside of her. The pain was dizzying. Mye held up her beretta, wanting to shoot, but her body grew limp and she hit the ground.

Joe saw the gun come up and that it was pointed at… Zio? WTF?! Shooting his own partner? On the other hand, and the more he thought about it, and thinking on his ex… yep, he probably would have done the same thing. So… every cat for himself, it seemed. Joe tried to guard against the laser with the flat plane of the butcher knife, hoping this laser couldn’t cut through stainless steel. If lucky, he would be able to deflect the laser beam. If not, he wound up going down with the other two.

The green haired mohawk man watched everyone hit the floor, because the laser beam indeed went through the steel. He smirked from behind his mask, pretty proud of his work. Not even moving, the device still pointed at them, "So, do you know Red Eye?" he asked again. Simple question, really. He figured she must know, otherwise who the hell would go through all of this otherwise?

Mye still wouldn’t answer, even if she were awake. But the pain plus the smack of head against concrete put her in loo loo land. Her body began to twitch as her brain started displaying vivid colors.

Zio laid lifeless on the ground. The bastard shot her!

Joe groaned, and mrred, "Jebus! All this shooting with a laser over red eye? Just go get some damn Visine at the Sari Mart downtown. Fuck!"

Mye would have swatted Joe for that comment. But seeing as she was knocked out at that moment, that didn’t happen.

Mohawk man waited for an answer to his question. Oh great, he thought as he realized Mye was passed out. With a sigh, he walked over to her body. He reached around his waist to his back, clipping off something that looked like a syringe. Grabbing a handful of Mye’s hair as he squatted over her, he slid the needle into her neck. "Red Eye is a person," he said in passing as he made sure he injected her correctly. He pulled it out, pressing a few buttons on his wrist-pad. Yup, there she was. The tracker was implanted.

Mye drooled a bit as she got pulled up by her hair. Her eyelids fluttered as the needle pierced through her skin. Whether it was because of the prick of pain, or the images in her brain, it would be unknown what made her twitch just then.

Joe groaned and tried to sit up. This whole scene looked something like some sick swap, or a swingers sort of thing. What with the poor, possibly dead, blue haired girl apparently resting on his legs and lap, and mohawk man was doing God knows what with Mye’s head. Joe slowly got up and looked at the blue haired girl, then to mohawk man. "What the hell, you killed your own partner?" He mrred and shook his head, then looked at the butcher’s knife with the burned out hole in it, "Oh shit! Sam’s gonna be pissed now."

Zio got pretty comfortable laying against the cold concrete. At least she got to try some pizza earlier.

Mohawk man lifted Zio up. "She’s fine. Dunno about you guys though. I shot her where it wouldn’t kill her. Good luck with your own injuries, though."

Leaning over, the man with the green mohawk grabbed Zio’s arm. Light suddenly started to flash in the area, illuminating the whole alley with each flicker. The wind picked up as he punched a few things on his wrist pad. A few jolts of lightning shot out above his head as a small electrical ball appeared. It went into mohawk man and split off into Zio. Both of their bodies looked as if they were being electrocuted, but yet were not harmed.

"We’ll be back," the man said with a smirk behind his mask. Suddenly their bodies, got sucked up into the two balls, along with any debris that was sitting on the ground around them. The air around all of them vanished for a split second to the point where you couldn’t breath, then suddenly returned back to normal as air rushed outward from the point where they got sucked in. Then they were gone.

Mye’s body spasmed every now and again. Not noticing what was going on around her, as she was still out cold. She made a gasping sound while struggling to breathe at one point, but that dissipated as soon as the two disappeared into, thin air?

Joe just sat and mrred, looking over at Mye. "It was great knowin’ ya." He sniffed.

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