Anyone here with a uterus ever considered getting rid of it?

I am new to the idea of biohacking, but I would really like to have an elective hysterectomy simply because I have no use for a uterus, and I think I would be able to live a better life without having one. I obviously wouldn’t DIY this one, and if I could ever get one I would want it to be laparoscopic (less invasive) and for it to leave my ovaries intact (removing ovaries would have very negative health consequences for someone my age).

So, I am just curious to know…
Would this be considered a form of biohacking?
Having any of you ever considered the possibility of doing this?
How could I possibly go about getting this procedure done by a professional despite it not being considered medically necessary? (For context: I’m Canadian, 22, child free, and don’t have a ton of money)

edit: I am currently using hormonal birth control to stop my periods, but not loving some of the side effects. Furthermore, I would love to hear any ideas or experience you have with menstruation related bio-hacking, even if not directly related to hysterectomies 🙂

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