Any biohackers exclusively interested in cybernetic neural implants and similar concepts?

tl;dr: I’m a computer science student seriously dedicating my life to merging mind with computer and would like to find other like minds willing to learn technical skills to realistically do this with professionals.

I’m a computer science student that is pretty much obsessed with the idea of neural implants/prosthesis for concepts close to learning enhancement or synthetic replacement/add on of neural cybernetic devices. Artificial intelligence also comes into high concern for me. I try to learn all that I can on my free time from formal and informal methods. I am only interested in augmenting the brain and the mind with electronic computers, so I can’t really relate much to people who augment their hands with magnets and RFID or NFC devices. I might attempt to pursue a PhD with the right technical guidance or partnership. Does an exclusive group exist for this “neural hacking” like personality I have? There is a mind uploading subculture that I really enjoy on r/Digital_Immortality but we need as many technical people centralized into some sort of organization that we can get. We need to get more technical, share information, and work from or with the academics who are actually designing this technology and making technical…more mathematical theory.

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