A Lesson From the Greatest Secret of the Eagle's Hunting Success

How awesome to watch an eagle flies. You will certainly amaze on how the bird soars gently in the sky and watches over the places like a spy. Suddenly, you will amaze more when he finds his prey in his hunting time. With focus and silence, he historically swoops down towards his target. Zaph! you will just witness how accurate and timely he catches his prey as he tramples it through his powerful claws.

"Awesome!" and "Amazing!" are familiar words that commonly define the scene. You will then understand why an eagle is considered one of the most ferocious and successful predators in the animal kingdom. His fierceness and precis skills in capturing his prey is simply awesome. It's a breathtaking feat!

What's the eagle's secret?

What does the eagle have that other animals do not have?

If we observe closely, we can find some prominent qualities that an eagle has possessed. These qualities are attributed much of the bird's capturing success. The preciseness, ferocity, boldness and timing in achieving his target are among the salient hits that we can learn from. His unique ways of hunting and catching his prey accurately is exemplary. The eagle's persistence is also prevalent. But his secret lies mainly from his very own eyes.

What has been manifested in the eagle's eyes is the bird's sharp vision. This is where we can trace the revealing secret of the eagle's success. Through his sophisticated vision, he sets his goal and locks his target.

Obviously, the surging eagle has already established a sharp vision towards his goal even from a certain distance. It is perfectly blended with his natural boldness and persistence until he captures the prey. The eagle does not easily give up from trying. His vision is only focused and locked in one target: success.

This remarkable quality is truly impressive, and from the very eyes of this great bird reflects a priceless lesson:

A man with a vision, plan, focus, and persistence of action will surely succeed!

Source by Art Babao